Philharmonic of Sinarades

The Philharmonic of Sinarades was founded in 1961 in the village of Sinarades. On the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers in 1962 it gave its first public performance with 24 musicians. The Musical Band of the Philharmonic is comprised today of 120 active members, who, apart from the public appearances, also perform 5 to 6 concerts each year, often with the cooperation of worthy Greek artists. Since 2001, the Music Band operates alongside with the Students’ band with the participation of 60 children aged under 17 years, who during the duration of the school year, have the opportunity to present work samples based on the constant and systematic teaching of music.

The Philharmonic of Sinarades participates in all the great musical events of the island, such as the processions  in the city of Corfu during Palm Sunday and on the 11th of August.

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