Serbian Museum

The Serbian Museum of Corfu narrates a relatively unknown aspect of the Corfiot, Greek and also world history.

During World War I, in 1915-1916, right after the overwhelming collapse of the Serbian front from the powerful Austrian-German army, the approximately 150.000 Serbian soldiers and their government, found refuge in Corfu. The history of these people and the horrors of war are housed today in the Serbian Museum.

Photographs of the era, Serbian flags, military uniforms of various tiers, weapons and equipment, ecclesiastical vestments and objects of the Serbian priests who accompanied the army, medical tools of Serbian doctors from the island of Vido, and medals can all be seen by visitors in the Serbian Museum, in an effort to represent the cruelty of that time.

The Serbian Museum is located in Moustoxydou 19 Street, in the city of Corfu.

Tel: 26610 33960

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