Stelari beach is an isolated beach with pebbles and very clean blue waters on the western coast of Corfu. A huge, white, vertical cliff rises above this heavenly beach which is relatively narrow. Make sure you have all the essentials as civilization and fuss refrain from this enchanting beach. From Stelari you can distinguish at a faraway distance the tiny islet Kolivri which is a popular fishing place for the locals.

Stelari beach is accessible only by sea. If you do not possess a boat you can rent one from Liapades beach  or you can follow one of the sea tours by sloops which also depart from there. These tours usually make stops on the rest of the nearby beaches which are equally beautiful and idyllic: Paradise , Liniodoro and Giali .

During your tour on the shore you can see and swim in the numerous caves which have been formed in this region and reach up to the shores of Palaiokastritsa.

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