Tebloni is a village in the inland of the island, approximately 10 kilometers from the city of Corfu, built in a verdant area. The most important sight in Tebloni is the church of Panagia Sparmiotissa which is directly related to a miracle of the Christian faith where the Virgin Mary saved the area from drought in the 16th century.

Residents of the nearby village Potamos , had decided then to carry in procession the icon of the Virgin in order for Her to send the much desired rain. The litany reached the Monastery of Palaiokastritsa  and after remaining for a week, it began its return. In Tebloni, the miracle was fulfilled for the believers and the beneficial rain fell on their villages. On that location, the faithful people built the Temple of Panagia Sparmiotissa and filled with enthusiasm, promised to accomplish the same route every year. In 1678 the route of the litany was diminished and reached until Tebloni, from where it returns to Potamos on the same day. This Litany takes place every year on the Sunday of the Blind Man.

Near Tebloni, three small lakes can be found, which require some exploration in order to be discovered. The one is lake Skoteini  in Danillia, the other is lake Brentanou  on the northeast of Tebloni and the third is lake Kavourolimni  on the northern part of the village.

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