The Ampelakia, 12 km southwest of Orestiada is a hilly village at an altitude of about 150 meters, built on a hillside.

Ampelakia is one of the oldest villages in the region. Villagers, according to historical information and testimonies, probably derive from the Peloponnese and are closely related with the residents of Neochorio, Karoti and Chandra. They belong to the tribe of Marides, an ancient Thracian tribe with common manners and attire.

In Ampelakia live 470 people mostly engaged in agriculture. The village is known for its dynamic agricultural crops and modern agricultural machinery. Main products produced here are wheat, corn, sunflower, beets and sesame.

Ampelakia during the the Turkish occupation wascalled Koulaklis or Kouliaklis. In 192,0 the area was annexed to Greece. After the World War II and the Civil War, many of the village buildings were reconstructed. In the coming decades, the population decreased significantly due to external migration mainly to Germany.

A festival takes place in the village on July 27, the day of Saint Panteleimon.

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