Beach of Dikella

Over the coastline and the huge beach of Evros, which is extended from Alexandroupolis  to Messimvria , in the west, the travelers encounter the beautiful beach of Dikella. It is located just in front of Dikella , one of the villages belonging to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, about twenty kilometers from the capital of Evros.

The beach Dikella is organized in its great length, but has large open spaces for those who prefer to arrange their own comfort and otherwise organize a day at sea. Providing infrastructure such as sun loungers and parasols, while also serving on the beach of Dikella, bars that offer than cool drinks and coffee and light meals.

On the beach of Dikella, the visitors can still find beach bar, for more … “powerful” situations, which do not disturb those who want to enjoy a swim quietly with their family, and the great length does not limit anyone.

Near the beach of Dikella, there is the settlement of Makri  and the archaeological site of Messimvria.

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