The custom of the Camel

The custom of the Camel revives each year on Clean Monday (otherwise Ash Monday, which is the first day of Lent) in Feres, the town of Evros with the famous carnival!

A wooden, handmade camel stars in fun, as the custom of the Camel does not let anyone resist to the playful creation of the carnival revelers! They compete to make it every year better and better, so that it looks more like a desert animal. Usually, its humps are nothing bur simple wooden crates, while the creators’ art focuses on the head. The rest of the body is covered with rugs – borrowed from the households of Feres for the custom of the Camel!

Although folklorists recognize in this ancient Greek elements, according to the tradition, the custom of the Camel has its roots in theTurkish domination. It was then that Turks stole the beautiful Manio and her beloved one thought to hide under a fake camel to get her back. So it happened, the Turks were loitering the camel and the young man with his friends saved and married the girl…

The custom of the Camel is represented during the carnival of Feres after the parade.

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