The village of Doxa is located 25 kilometers from Didymoteicho, near the Greek-Bulgarian borders. During the civil war, it was burnt and destroyed almost completely, on April 2, 1947. It was rebuilt in the 1950s, when it was also renamed from Megali Trava that was originally called, to Doxa (in 1954).

In Doxa, according to the Archaeological Service and according to surveys, there was a Roman settlement. Findings in the area indicate the continuous presence since the Hellenistic period.

Just outside the village of Doxa, was constructed in 1990 an artificial lake in order to serve the irrigation needs of the region. The lake is located one kilometer west of the village and it has nowadays turned into a wetland that the locals call “Gatoula” (kitty).

From Doxa, continuing to the north you will encounter among the villages of Mikri Doxipara, Zoni and Chelidona the burial mound of the 2nd century AD, where have been revealed carriages and horses that accompanied the dead in burial and were buried with them.

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