Kavourmas is one of the delicacies that every foodie should try, while visiting Evros. Boasting for its tastiness between the local foods and the visitors to the area will find it easy to taverns and restaurants in each area of the entire Evros, as kavourmas is from the foods that you serve as in Alexandroupolis, as also in more northern areas, Didymoteichon, Soufli and Orestiada .

Kavourmas is one of the meats, prepared in Evros. It is cooked pieces of meat, coagulated with broth and a lot of seasonings giving a distinct, spicy flavor. It is served plain or with eggs and usually as an appetizer and it is also usual to be served warm, as saganaki. It is considered one of the most delicious treats – one of the “goodies” that every visitor must try!

For those of you, who try kavourmas and just love by the taste, you should know that apart from the taverns and restaurants, you can easily find it in all supermarkets in Evros.

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