Local foods

Apart from the marmalades, the pasta such as oumats and ifkadia, the spoon sweets and the Thracian trahana, the cuisine of Evros is also famous for its special local foods.

If you find yourself I Evros during a winter month, do not miss to try out lahania, beef or zigouri, namely, cooked with cabbage, cherry tomatoes and red hot pepper.

You can accompany lahania with the Thracian garlic sauce made of walnuts or tyrokafteri (spicy cheese dip) of green pepper.

A special place in the local dishes – especially at Easter – have the “tzigerosarmades”, that is lamb plucks wrapped in a lamb membrane with onion, rice and herbs.

If you visit Evros at Christmas, try the local food named “Babo”. It is a peculiar “sausage” made of lamb intestines stuffed with various meats, leek, rice and spices.

A little earlier, on December 4, the residents of Evros eat the “Varvara”. It is a local food made of boiled wheat with raisins, sesame and sugar and it is accompanied by figs, quinces and apples. According to popular belief, this food was prepared for the protection of Saint Varvara (Barbara).

Among the local foods of Evros, you will find pies, such as gkolio (that reminds of pumpkin pie) or the salty milk pie with cheese rennet.

From a table with local foods, dessert could not be missing. Look for and try out the Thracian lagites that look very much like pancakes.

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