River Ardas

The river Ardas is an important ecosystem for the region of Evros and its forest is a habitat of paramount importance at national level. The area is part of the program natura 2000 and is characterized by outstanding natural beauty, with dominant element the water and is ideal for leisure and exercise.

The river Ardas is a tributary of Evros . In ancient times, it was called Arpissos. The total length of the river is 290 km, of which 241 are in the territory of Bulgaria – where – stems and 49 in the territory of Greece.

Ardas is entering in the Greek territory of the village of Galini  in the west and meets Evros, to the east, on Kastanies. Along this path have been developed various small and large villages in the catchment area of ​​the river, including Milea , Kyprinos , Fylakio, Elaia, Canadas , Marasia  and the large villages Rizia and Kastanies.

The water flow of the river is stopped by two dams, one in Greece and one in Bulgaria, which collect the water for the water supply of the surrounding areas. In Greece there are three bridges on the river Ardas, the first since 1960 in Kyprinos, the second on Kastanies and the third in Elaia.


Arail is crosses by a bridge on the line Alexandroupolis – Ormenio, between Kastanies and Marasia.

The natural environment in Ardas and the riparian forest is unique. Elms, ivy, trees, wild roses, and rare birds such as herons, woodpeckers, swans, grebes and mallards make up the flora and fauna of the region.

On the banks of Ardas in Kastanies is held every summer since 1995 the Meeting of Youth , festival with the participation of famous artists that attracts hundreds of young people from Greece and the Balkans.

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