The village of Savra is located about 2 kilometers from Vrysika, near Didymoteicho of Evros. It is built on a lush hillside on the south bank of Erythropotamos. It was founded during the Ottoman occupation by Turks “matzides”, refugees from Anatolia and was called “Soubaskiu” that means Protoneri. During the population exchange of 1923, in Savra settled about 30 refugee families from many places of Eastern Thrace as Makra Gefyra and Sarada Ekklisies.

In Savra stayed several Turkish families, but they left the area in 1944 due to unfavorable conditions of civil war. Today, apart from the Christian population, in the village live some families of Muslim Roma.

Near Savra is located the traditional village of Metaxades, many villages of Marides, indigenous Thracians with strong cultural elements and religious mores. In addition, you can visit the ancient underground tomb built in Elafochori, as well as the burial mound in Doxipara of the 2nd AD century, in which have been discovered buried, apart from the dead, carriages and horses.

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