The beach Scorpios is located on the coastline of Evros, about twenty kilometers west of Alexandroupolis , near the village Dikella and the homonymous popular beach . Scorpios is also sandy coast, with crystal blue waters, ideal for swimming and a cool dip in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the Thracian Sea.

Scorpios is one of the best organized beaches of Evros , as it has sun beds and parasols, and various other amenities for the convenience of swimmers. It also features a beach bar, where the visitors can enjoy coffee, cool drinks and light meals.

The beach Scorpios is known and loved for the spear fishing, as the rocky seabed around the coast is ideal refuge for fishes. So many times during your visit in Scorpios, you will see the special buoy from those who have come for this purpose.

There are facilities for water sports on the beach of Scorpios, as favored by the sandy shore, while the access to here is easy via the asphalted coastal road leading to Dikella and Messimvria .

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