Charakti is the smallest village of the three ensembles consisting Pyrgi of Kefalonia, located east of Sami. With the other two, Digaleto that substantially is united with Charakti, and Tsakarisiano, located on a hilltop opposite complete the landscape: one of the most beautiful mountainous villages of Kefalonia, at the foot of Enos.

Enos and the Great Mountain, as it was called by the Venetians, who had also been established the name «Monte Nero», meaning “Black Mountain”, from the dark green color of the trees that grow here, the famous fir of Kefalonia.

The old church of the Archangels in Charakti, gives a particular color in the village. In Charakti, you will still see a monument to the dead of the area, during the devastating earthquakes of August, in 1953. Then, whole villages were razed and were never rebuilt, as the adjacent old Digaleto, but also Old Vlahata of Sami.

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