The small village of Kefalonia, Konidarata, has 24 permanent residents. It is situated at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, on the north coast of the island, and before the implementation of the project “Kallikratis” in the management of Greece belonged to the municipality of Erissos, covering the northwestern edge of the island.

From Konidarata, you can admire the endless view to the channel between Kefalonia and Ithaca, and the small islands of the Ionian cluster, as Atokos, Kastos and Kalamos, islets located between the two largest and the coast of  Aetoloakarnania, in Central Greece.

The houses in Konidarata are situated right and left of the main road that goes from the central Kefalonia to Fiskardo. It is indeed a well-known grocery store in Koniadarata that will supply you with fresh fruits and vegetables from the region! In the village, there is still a gas station, which is even famous for its cheap price.

Near the village Konidarata is Vasilikades, Komitata and Neohori, while from beaches, from Konidarata, you will go quickly in St. Jerusalem, Emplisi and Chorgota.



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