Litany of St. Gerasimos

On 16th of August, is celebrated in Kefalonia the memory of its patron saint, Saint Gerasimos, with the festive liturgy and Litany of St. Gerasimos. Both events take place at the monastery of Saint, in the plateau of Omalos, in central Kefalonia and gather a crowd, not only from the island, but also from other places of Greece.

The Litany of St. Gerasimos takes place the same day with his celebration, after the Divine Liturgy, in the churchyard. The relics of the saint, which was kept in the temple is transferred into the hands of the faithful, accompaniment of many people who flock to the monastery, the clergy and the authorities of the place.

During the Litany of St. Gerasimos, the relic is transferred to the tree of the saint, a great old plane tree in the yard, which, according to church tradition, had planted the saint, in the 16th century, who lived and taught here, while he was the founder of the monastery.

The removal of the relics of the saint is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on 20th of October, when is performed again and the Litany of St. Gerasimos, in a similar way.

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