Ventourata of Kefalonia is a small village with just 30 residents, according to the 2011 census. It is located in Erissos, in the northwestern part of the island, the side facing Ithaca. Ventourata is considered hilly village, being built at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level and the view from the village is breathtaking.

In the village, you can admire the homes of its residents, many of which are pre-earthquake, as Ventourata, like the entire Erissos were from areas that were suffered the fewest losses by the earthquake of 1953.

During the administrative division of Greece with the project “Kapodistrias”, which ran until 2010, Ventourata belonged to the neighboring larger village, Touliata. It is located 40 kilometers from Argostoli, while Fiskardo and Assos are very close.

In a very short distance from Ventourata are some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, as Emplisi and Foki, close to Fiscardo.



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