Agios Georgios of Androussa

One of the finest and most interesting monuments of Messinia is the chapel of Agios Georgios of Androussa in the cemetery of the city, near the Medieval Castle. Its architectural and decorative features  chronologically classify it in the 12th-13th century.

Agios Georgios of Androussa is a small basilica. Its external dimensions are 8,85 x 4,90 m. The apse has angular endings. The entrances of the temple are very interesting as there is one to the north and one to the west,something that testifies the influence of Gothic architecture. The influence of Western elements is very clear and comes from the extensive Frankish domination in Messinia, but it has been largely assimilated by the local architectural tradition.

The separation of the surface of the walls of Agios Georgios of Androussa in two zones chronologically classify the temple in 12th and 13th century. The above evidence suggests that the building was constructed when the Frankish power was strong in Peloponnese.

Agios Georgios of Androussa is considered one of the oldest cross-roofed temples of Greece.

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