Cave of Trachila

The Cave of Trachila is imposing and has three floors. It is located near the coastal village Trachila in Western Mani. It has fantastic decoration with square columns, stalagmites and stalactites.

You can go from the village to the Cave of Trachila firstly by car and then on foot. The path is difficult, along the shoreline.

The impressive entrance to the Cave of Trachila is ​​protected by a wall with a small opening that gives light to the space. Once the residents had installed an oven there. Findings indicate that it was used as a shelter at the time of hostile invasions.

The Cave of Trachila is ​​flat with rooms with imposing decoration. There are also collections of water and it has a rich speleological fauna (bats, dolichopoda). On the top floor of the cave of Trachila we observe hundreds of bats, which come there through a second external opening that is higher than the entrance of the cave.

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