Cave Vatsinidi

The Cave Vatsinidi in Messinia is located near the village Proastio, after Kardamyli. It is an underwater cave of outstanding natural beauty with two entrances of stone walls for the protection of residents who took refuge in it.

Cave Vatsinidi has two main rooms, where there are large lakes of sea water and are connected by corridor. There are other smaller chambers, also with small lakes.

The first room has dimensions of 31×66 meters and is covered by a lake of 16×52 meters. A “skylight” lets the sunlight to pass through, creating unique images. A lake corridor leads to the second room of the cave Vatsinidi of 36×55 meters with two lakes.

In the lakes of Cave Vatsinidi there are flattened surfaces like docks and dry stone walls, covered by stalactites that illustrate the very old human residence in the cave. It has total area of ​​2,400 sq.m. – 1,100 sq. m and they are covered by sea water.

The underwater cave Vatsinidi in Proastio of Exo Mani, is currently at the top of the underwater caves of the country, both in terms of size and importance and it presents great anthropological interest.

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