Dafni is a small village of the municipality of Messini that is located 24 km away from the city of Kalamata. About 160 residents live there. The village is famous for its olive groves, as it is built in a wooded area at an altitude of 146 meters above sea level. Central Church of Dafni is Agios Dimitrios with the red roof with tiles that stands in the village.

Dafni is surrounded by lands where vineyards and fig trees are cultivated. The area has rich vegetation as the river Velikas crosses the village by the side of Kampouli. Dafni is 9 km away from Petalidi, which is the most touristic village of the region.

If you find yourself in Dafni, you may well visit the beach in Bouka or the one of Velikas, or Petalidi etc.

The name Dafni that the village has today, is relatively new and it is choice of the locals. It came after a decision to change the old name, which was “Kainourio Chorio”, because there was another settlement of the same name in Messinia.

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