Figs of Kalamata

One of the typical products of Messinia and Kalamata are the figs of Kalamata, the cultivation of which in the past had known great glories since production was more than 10,000 tons.

Today the annual production of figs of Kalamata reaches the 4,000 tons, as many producers preferred to remove their orchards and replace them with olive trees.

Fresh or dried figs of Kalamata are one of the most famous natural delights that are absolutely synonymous with the region. Delicious, nutritious and healthy, the dry fig of Kalamata is a fruit naturally dried in the sun with absolutely no chemical additives. It is a source of energy for the human body, sought-after and irreplaceable because of its high content of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, ferrum and vegetable fibers.

The distinct taste of the great nutritional value and authenticity make the fig of Kalamata, a popular fruit and an important marketable and exportable product.

In Polylofo of Messini, every August a fig festival take place and lots of treats with fig are offered to the visitors.

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