Fish Tsiliada

The Fish Tsiladia is an amazing traditional recipe made in Kalamata and is very old. To make it of course, you need a large fish, usually sea bream or grouper. For the sauce you need onions, garlic, tomatoes and juice, raisins, bay leaves and of course the famous olive oil of Kalamata!

The traditional housewives of Kalamata make fish Tsiladia with great care and diligence. Firstly they prepare the sauce with all the ingredients and raisins that give their own unique flavor. Usually, the sauce is prepared in a deep frying pan, and then they pour in the fish, which is put on tomato slices, into the pot. The fish Tsiladia is cooked on slow fire and it needs its time to be tasty and delicious.

The Fish Tsiladia is also excellent with cod fillet. It is certain that if you visit Kalamata, you should find and try Tsiladia Fish!

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