Gorge of Polylimnio

Polylimnio is situated next to the village Charavgi within 32 kilometers from Kalamata, and it is an area where lakes are formed on many levels, as well as successive waterfalls, due to the morphology of the ground.

The waters that cross the Gorge of Polylimnio end in the lakes. Its crossing is of moderate difficulty and the path is very enjoyable.

Generally, the Gorge of Polylimnio , which is three kilometers long, is characterized as fordable, except for the area of the waterfalls , where ladders have been placed to facilitate hikers.

Most of the Gorge of Polylimnio is green and narrow. Where there is a larger opening deep blue lakes are created, making the landscape unique. The crossing is facilitated in some places by wooden bridges and metal props, which help you climb in very narrow places. Nevertheless, you need to wet your feet, so make sure you ‘re dressed lightly, and especially if you try to cross the Gorge of Polylimnio during the warmer summer months, the swimsuit is necessary.

The waters of the Gorge of Polylimnio, coming from Mesopotamos, after crossing the bridge of Tzanes, at Petalidi flow into the Messinian Bay.

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