Katafygi of Megali Mantinia

Katafygi of Megali Mantinia is located at southeast of Megali Mantinea, into the ravine of Santova, in the Gorge of Rintomo.

Katafygi of Megali Mantinia is a spacious cave but has only a small opening and this requires the help of a guide to find it.

At the small entrance of the cave in Katafygi of Megali Mantinia there is a protective wall that is estimated to have been built during the post-Byzantine period. So we conclude that the cave, as it is proved by its name, was used as a shelter (“katafygio”) by the local people for any threats, primarily due to thieves and pirates – probably because of the difficulty in locating it.

According to legend, at the end of the 18th century, Ottoman invaders found Katafygi of Megali Mantinia and then killed the inhabitants who had found refuge there by drowning or burning them with brimstone or slaughtering those who managed to get out.

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