Koryfasio is a village in western Messinia, 12 kilometers from Pylos and 9 kilometers from Chora. It is built on a small hill of 70 meters and is surrounded by olive groves. It is about 5 kilometers from the sea and overlooks the bay of Navarino and the Ionian Sea. Most residents are farmers that primarily produce olive oil and secondarily wine and vegetables.

The village’s name comes from the ancient Koryfasio, an ancient settlement built at a different position than today. In that ancient settlement there was the temple and the statue of Athena of Koryfasio.

The history of the modern settlement is estimated to have started around 1780. Many of the present inhabitants of the village have their family roots in other parts of central Messinia, from where they left seeking a better luck in the more fertile regions near the current position of the village.

In Koryfasio have been found dozens of artifacts, but it still has not been systematically excavated.

The central church in Koryfasio is the imposing Church of Saint Charalambos, in the center of the village, while there are the chapels of Saint George in the settlement of Pisaski, Saint Constantine and Prophet Elias in the north of the village, Saint Demetrius, Saint George and Saint Tryfon in the south and east.

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