Lalaggia of Messinia is a traditional delicacy of the wider region of Kalamata. It is prepared with flour, olive oil of Kalamata and water and is fried in extra virgin , local olive oil. It is like a pancake. They are a national tradition for the area and are prepared at any home during major religious holiday.

Especially in the past, the day before each anniversary, all the housewives leave any other occupation and gave priority to the preparation of lalaggia. The amounts were large because families had many members and had to treat whoever was unable to prepare it, but also those who were mourning. Especially, on Christmas Eve, they gave more importance to their preparation. They filled several baskets with lalaggia not only with the classic shape, but with Christmas themes, such as stars, crosses etc. The first and big lalaggi was for Christ.

Today several houses preserve the tradition of lalaggia, as well as local Associations, which during their events pleasantly surprise their guests by offering lalaggia.

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