Lighthouse of Kitrion

South of Kalamata, within 6 nautical miles, near the bay of Kitrion, there is the lighthouse of Kitrion, of 11 m height, built in 1891.

Initially, the lighthouse of Kitrion used to work with oil and its brightness could reach 10 nautical miles.

During the Second World War, a part of the Lighthouse of Kitrion got destroyed. As a result of that, it remained closed until 1945, when it got repaired to be included again in the Greek Lighthouse Network.

In 1953 it began operating with electricity until 1999 when it was completely automated. It now operates with solar energy. Today, the lighthouse of Kitrion throws every two minutes a white beam of light lasting 12 seconds that radiates within 7 nautical miles.

The building complex of the Lighthouse of Kitrion is built at an altitude of 20 meters above the sea and in the past, it had four rooms suitable for the accommodation of the lighthouse keepers.

Visitors at the area who wish to arrive at the lighthouse of Kitrion can simply follow the rural road, on the main municipal road that connects Kitries – Kalianaiikes.

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