Olive oil

Wherever you find yourself in Messinia, you feel the love that people from Messinia have for olive. The producing oil is of exceptional taste and unique quality known worldwide. The Messinian Olive oil is a natural product produced by the crushing of olive extracts and without admixtures. It is a gift of nature with great biological and pharmaceutical value, tasty and digestible. Today it is believed that olive oil protects the heart, helps in proper functioning of many organs, is beneficial in many diseases and has a preventive effect in many forms of cancer.

The sacred olive tree is cultivated since 12th century BC in the fertile region of Messinia, around Kalamata . Excavations at the palace of King Nestor from Messinia unearthed evidence of huge importance that the juice of the fruit of the olive had for the society of this era. The same importance holds even today, as the cultivation of olive tree is the main interest of Messinian farmers.

Whole Messinia is a vast olive grove. Its favorable climate, the sunshine, the small parts of land that allows each producer to care every tree and pick olives in their maturity, give excellent quality of raw material. The large number of modern oil mills in combination with olive oil processors that know the secrets of olive oil production, lead to the production of high quality olive oil.

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