The famous traditional sweet of Messinia, pasteli, with excellent nutritional properties thanks to sesame and honey, was already known at the time of Herodotus and he referred to it as a tonic candy.

Pasteli is extremely rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and ferrum. The sesame has miraculous qualities that fight cholesterol and exhaustion, insomnia and … sexual dysfunctions. With or without honey, with almond or traditional, pasteli is the most known and famous Messinian dessert for its pure and healthy ingredients and its taste.

Pasteli from Zevgolatio of Messinia, is still nowadays one of the most popular pastelis in the Greek market. It is widely known since the 1920s when it was offered cut into lozenges to passers and train passengers who enjoyed raki from Kalamata or cool water waiting for the train to take them to their destination.

Much has changed since the interwar period when pasteli was sold in the train station and festivals on benches without any wrapper. Pasteli now is packed according to the most modern methods of standardization but it is always prepared in the traditional way being still delicious and popular.


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