Patria was among the most important, powerful and long-lasting institutions of Mani. The term refers to all the members who had blood relation. Members of patria can be the first to thirtieth degree relatives.

Mani never came under Turkish control so there is a peculiar unchangeable in the centuries law. The social dimension of the family in Mani acquired specific institutional features as the time was going by.

Each patria had a specific residential area. The typical settlement in Mani provided to each patria, a common tower (belonged to everyone) and around it there were other houses. The more members, a patria had, the taller was the tower. The leader – a representative of each family was called headboard, but he did not take decisions alone because the members of patria were internally equalized. The most powerful, intelligent, educated man of patria was called Kallios.

In Mani social classes are not divided according to economic criteria, but based on the number of members of patria. The members that were counted in each patria, were only males as women got married and “changed” family. This situation was practiced in the area until lately.

Even today, the old towers of patrias, the tower houses of Mani stand imposing.

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