Saint Vasilios of Methoni

North of Methoni, close to the catacombs of Saint Onoufrios, lies the Byzantine church of Saint Vasilios of Methoni that is considered one of the most important monuments of the Byzantine period in the region.

The church dates back to around 1100 BC and it is a very beautiful structure of the Byzantine period. According to sources, it is a cruciform church belonging to the so-called transition type, which is the combination of the free cross with the three-aisle domed basilica. Inside Saint Vasilios of Methoni have been found, unfortunately, only traces of frescoes, mainly in the bema. From these distinguish with difficulty Saint Eustatius, Saint Irene, as well as plant decoration.

Saint Vasilios of Methoni is built of stone and bears dog-tooth frieze on the niches of the bema. The windows, which can be opened, are small and rectangular and the dome tall and cylindrical while the bell tower is a later addition.

You will find the Byzantine church of Saint Vasilios of Methoni 2 kilometers before the town. On the national road Pylos – Methoni you will turn left on a paved road and then left again on the narrow dirt road that you see in front of you.

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