Tower of Dourakis

The Tower of Dourakis (or Ntourakis) is a historian Tower, typical of Mani, at the location Kastania, in Messinia, 50 kilometers away from Kalamata.

The Tower of Dourakis Tower consists of 5 floors and dates from the 18th century. Apart from the traditional architecture of Mani, the Tower also has graphic gun-loops, from where the defenders used to throw boiled oil on the attackers, and defensive battlements.

The four circular shaped turrets constituted the distinguishing feature of the Tower.

The Tower of Dourakis got its name from the legendary Captain Constantinos Dourakis of Kastania, who lived in it.

The Tower of Dourakis has been associated however, with Theodoros Kolokotronis as well, since the Old Man of Morias, as he is also known in Greek history, found shelter in the Tower during the persecution of the Greek rebels in 1803.

The hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821, escaped from here in March 1806, to Elafonissos. Kastania because of its location, as it is built between three natural hills of Taygetus making the settlement invisible, was the perfect refuge for Theodoros Kolokotronis during the great persecutions of the rebels (1803-1806).

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