Wine is a necessary complement of the local gastronomy and is part of the tradition of Messinia and Kalamata as archaeological investigations have demonstrated that the cultivation of the vine has been known in the region for thousands of years.

Today, this old tradition combined with refreshing mood of winegrowers in the region and the ideal climatic conditions, have resulted in the production of exceptional quality grapes, whichgive fine wines with the help of technology. Local wines have excellent organoleptic qualities, fruit flavors, full of taste and vibrant color.

Both white (Roditis, fileri, Assyrtiko, Chardonay) and red (Fokiano, Mandilaria, Carinian, Cabernet, Savignon) wines that are produced in Messinia, are all excellent and worth a try.

​​Many summer wine festivals are organized in several villages of Messinia and offer free wine and local delicacies. The most famous wine festivals are held every August 10th in Petrichi of Messinia and Lada in western Taygetos on last Saturday of August.

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