Kaloskopi – Delphi

The path Kaloskopi – Delphi traverses across Phocis from north to south. It starts from the 51th km of the highway Lamia- Amfissa, outside the village of Kaloskopi, with the running waters and the amazing view. From there, at first the route Kaloskopi – Delphi directed upwards to the top Gero – Lekka at an altitude of 1700 meters and after at Agrostilia source, it ends to the village Eptalophos of Parnassus. The hike until this point of the route Kaloskopi – Delphi takes about seven hours and it’s recommended to hikers an overnight stop in Eptalophos, who are located approximately in the middle of the path.

The next day the hikers of the route Kaloskopi – Delphi continue from Eptalophos for the half rest of the route, passing by the impressive plateau in the middle of the remaining portion. The end of the route is at the archaeological site of Delphi. The Mountaineering Club of Amfissa is available to walkers for further details for the route Kaloskopi – Delphi and for many other of the area.

Greek Mountaineering Club of Amfissa

Stallou 8, 33100 Amfissa

22650-28577, 22650-29201

Fax: 22650-23200

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