Vestibule of Apollo

In “Lianika”, just outside of Eptalophos, on the way to Lilaia, was situated the vestibule of Apollo which belonged to the Oracle of Delphi. Although the archaeological site of Delphi is quite large in area and includes numerous buildings, sanctuaries and facilities, the total of the region at the foot of Parnassus developed in antiquity actions relating to the function of the Oracle.

From the vestibule of Apollo, it is obligatory to pass for the guests of the Oracle of Delphi. They lived there for nine days, during which followed strict fasting, to purify and deliver the “purge”. It is considered a necessary step that theopropes, as saying that they asked the oracle to be “pure”, ready to submit to the divine process. The theopropes leaved the vestibule of Apollo for the Oracle of Delphi ready to put the god of the Sun the question that plagued them and get through the priestess Pythia, the answer that would solve their problems.

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