The E4 route Garazo-Anogeia is 16 km long and its estimated time is 5 hours.

The E4 route Garazo-Anogeia comes through a number of mountain villages and ends up in Anogeia. It passes through archaeological sites of classical and Venetian periods, Turkish lodgings and monasteries. In Kalyvo some clusters of kermes oaks remain, while Livadia is large livestock-breeding village, built on a hill. On the western side of the pitch of Zoniana you will ascend the main road and you will follow it till the eastern exit, where a small offshoot to your left will lead you to the cave of Sfentoni. From the cave, you will return back to the country road, which you will follow towards eastern direction and after 5 km the road will terminate at Anogeia.

The gorges of the route Garazo-Anogeia are very interesting, hidden in a typical Cretan landscape in deserted by overgrazing area.

The route Garazo-Anogeia will also take you to the Wax Museum in Zoniana and to the Diskouriou monastery, so, you will be able to make one more stop.

An ideal season to hike the route Garazo-Anogeia is from March to November and it is quite an easy route.

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