Monastery of Agios Pavlos (St. Paul monastery)

The Monastery of Agios Pavlos in Rethymno prefecture is located southwest of the city of Rethymno, near the university campus and the Gallou settlement.

Located to the west of the settlement (which has been characterized as “traditional” since 1995) and with panoramic view at the beautiful Galliano gorge, the Monastery of Agios Pavlos was built in 1566 and was the glebe of the Arkadi monastery.

During the Cretan Revolution of 1866, the monastery was burned and the monks were massacred. In 1927, the land that belonged to the Monastery was ceded to the farmers of Gallou by the Arkadi monastery. In 1974, the monastery of Agios Pavlos, along with its land, became the property of the municipality. The monastic complex has been restored, but currently is not inhabited. The small barrel-vaulted church of Agios Pavlos operates occasionally after its recent restoration as well as a part of the derelict buildings.

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