Pigi Beach

The Pigi beach or Pigianos Kampos is located 8 km to the east of Rethymno city, in the middle of a huge beach of the homonym bay in Rethymno prefecture and close to the village Pigi.

 The Pigi beach is a big sandy beach that connects to the Adele beach and is considered one of the most serene, compared with the other nearby beaches.

 You can swim and dive into numerous caves between the Pigi beach and the Stauromenou beach. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will able to see Careta-Careta laying her eggs into the sand.

At the Pigi beach there are some crowded places since there are many hotels in the area, which provide the tourists with everything needed.

You can easily reach Pigi beach from the Rethymno city center by bus, there are very frequent routes.

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