Small bath of Ancient Eleftherna

The Small bath of Ancient Eleftherna is a small Roman bath-house located in the northern part of the archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna at Katsivelos.

The Small bath of Ancient Eleftherna includes at least three building phases from the 2nd until the 6th-7th century AD and the construction was more likely to have begun after the middle of the 2nd century AD, after the destruction and abandonment of the former public building of the Hellenistic-Roman period.

On the west side, two identical rooms were revealed that functioned as a hypocaust and communicated by an airway. Both rooms belonged to the first phase of the building and were abandoned in the late 4th century AD. They were used as storage of waste in the early byzantine period, especially during the 6th and the 7th century AD.

In contact with the western side of the archway of two hypocaust rooms there are three rooms of unknown function, which belong to a newer construction phase. In contact with the northern side of Small bath of Ancient Eleftherna, a complex of six rooms was revealed, three of which belong to the house, while the other three are extensions of the bath-house.

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