Tafkos Pefani

The Tafkos Pefani in the prefecture of Rethymno is a cave located at an altitude of 230 meters near Agia, in the mountain range of Kouloukonas and the Kamara hill at Pefani.

As it happened with Tafkos Yiomata, Tafkos Vorilas and Tafkos Zaforas, Tafkos Pefani was explored and mapped for the first time by the Speleological Group of Crete in 2003. It is considered a small chasm formed in limestone plates along one of the many rifts of East-West that affected the region.

Tafkos Pefani is decorated with flowstones, while new white-colored stalactites have begun to deposit on the walls of its well. Few meters from the entrance there is the second well, which joins the main. The bottom is covered with thick layers of earth and rocks that have ended up here from the surface by the side walls caving in.

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