The Renaissance Festival of Rethymno

The Renaissance Festival of Rethymno is a cultural institution that takes place in the homonymous city with great success and has been established since 1987. Each summer, the 15 days’ Renaissance Festival of Rethymno is organized by the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Rethymno in various cultural venues, such as the Erofili Theatre, the Ibrahim Khan Mosque, the Neratze Mosque, the Culture House, Gunpowder Warehouse (Artillery Warehouse) and other indoor and outdoor sites of this old medieval city.

The Renaissance Festival of Rethymno was initiated due to the fact that the city thrived during the Venetian rule as far as the arts, the literature and the architecture were concerned. Today, the city of Rethymno can still be the center of regeneration in order to encourage the cultural dialogue between the nations and promote Science and Art in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe.

The program of Renaissance Festival of Rethymno includes concerts with seasonal instruments that involve orchestras and musicians from all over Europe, theatrical plays inspired by the Cretan and European Renaissance, dance shows, art exhibitions inspired by the nature, the architecture and the professions that no longer exist, lectures, film screenings and other events in the streets and squares of the Old Town of Rethymno.

The Renaissance Festival of Rethymno aims at the attraction of the citizens of Rethymno to participate in their “own organization”, at the revival of Cretan literature and poetry in order to promote them and at highlighting important Venetian monuments, such as the Fortezza Fortress. So far, the festival has presented numerous important plays of Cretan theater and of important artists of the Renaissance, such as Shakespeare, Molière and others.

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