Toumpotos Prinos shelter

The shelter Toumpotos Prinos of Mountaineering Club of Rethymno is located at an altitude of about 1,600 meters on the western slopes of Psiloritis, near the village of Kouroutes of Rethymno prefecture. It is named after the characteristic shape at the starting point of the trail.

In operation since 1984, the shelter Toumpotos Prinos has 30 beds and is able to accommodate up to 45 mountaineers. Outside, there is a covered area for protection in case of an emergency and a tank for rainwater collection.

The shelter Toumpotos Prinos can be accessed after about 4 hours’ hiking from Fourfouras, following a part of E4 route, or by a dirt-road, about 12 kilometers long, from Kouroutes. From here the magnificent ascent, lasting about three hours, to the Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), the highest peak in Crete, starts.

Everyone, who is willing to visit the shelter, can get in contact with the EOS of Rethymno (Greek Mountaineering Club of Rethymno) on the tel. 28310 23666 or 28310 57766


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