Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is an event that has become a tradition for the prefecture of Rethymno and the homonymous city.

The most attractive activity, the Treasure Hunt is a marathon-game which tests mind, body and nerves. It was organized in the city of Rethymno for the first time in February 1990 and ever since it has been staged every year two weeks before the Rethymno Carnival and, thus, has evolved into an event of the year.

The game begins and ends in one day, but the preparation and organization take some time. First, there is an online Treasure Hunt and then, there is a ball organized for the groups of participants that is always held on Friday before the game, with the first riddles given from Friday until Saturday afternoon.

The path leading to the treasure goes through solving puzzles and tests always related to the history of the city and its people, while the game’s limits are set each year by the organizational team. The treasure hunt is always held within the borders of the municipality of Rethymno, which presupposes that the groups will be moving by bicycles and cars, particularly to the most remote places.

The organization of the Treasure Hunt, in which only the residents of Rethymno take part because of the increased difficulty level, is taken over by the last year’s winner team at its own expenses.

During the Treasure Hunt there is an increased number of social events of awareness of the people, such as blood drives, fundraising events, medicine gathering, food gathering and more.

A week before the big game, a separate junior Treasure Hunt is being organized since the 1998 aiming at small groups of fifth and sixth grade of primary school students. Moreover, every summer, on the World Tourism Day, the Association of the Hotel Owners of Rethymno in cooperation with the municipality organizes a similar game for visitors with package tours in Rethymno as prizes.

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