Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace

Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace is one of the churches of the island that is located next to the sea and yet is built in an area covered with plane ​​trees because of this particularity of Samothrace: abundant springs feed the rich nature and fill the landscape with vegetation.
The visitors will find Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace on the north side of the island, near the archaeological site of Paleopolis. The island is home to numerous churches and Byzantine monuments and Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace is one of them.
On July 26 , the day the saint of the church is celebrateda great feast  takes place at Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace: all believers and guests attend the Divine Liturgy in the shade of the huge plane tree and then continue with feasting and dancing under the plane trees of Aspasouda. It is a custom that the families on the island bring food and bedding for the feast of Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace, while the cooked meat – usually goat, the traditional dish of Samothrace, is served on koukoudia branches in order to for it to get its beautiful scent

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