The aquarium in the seaside village of Kini was created by the Municipality in order to know the guests the marine Aegean world. It’s an Aquarium of small scale, for educational purposes, in which present representative species of fish and other marine organisms that are found around the coast of Syros.

The visitors have the opportunity to observe them by close, the specific species that live and breed in the Aegean Sea, so rich in marine flora and fauna. Also, in the Aquarium, they can learn close together the maritime activities of the Syrian people, the tools they use and how they live by the sea.

In the area of the Aquarium, there are also housed the exhibits of the Museum of Traditional Boats, Fishing Gear and Marine Organisms that impress the visitor.

A visit to the Aquarium is a great opportunity to meet an important part of the Aegean and especially for the youngest visitors, a pleasant way to raise awareness on environmental issues and in regard to the protection of nature.

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