Athletic Center of Syros

Since the island of Syros shows a great dedication for athletics and a variety of sports, the existence of many sports facilities is definitely expected. However, the newly inaugurated Athletic Center of Syros really stands out.

Football fields are the most in the island:

  • Municipal field of Hermoupolis
  • Municipal field of Ano Syros
  • Municipal field of Pagos
  • Municipal field of Vari

The Athletic Center of Syros is located in Hermoupolis and has the name of Dimitrios Vikelas, a great intellect, born and raised in Syros, which became the first president of the International Olympic Committee, during the revival of the Olympic Games in 1896.

In the indoor gym of the Athletic Center of Syros are accommodated the basket and volleyball teams of the island, which have already had many achievements: The indoor gym is home base of Phoinikas’s team, which is one of the country’s best volleyball teams.

The natatorium is olympic size and accommodates the teams of Syro’s Nautical Club, with a capacity of 1800 spectators.

In the Athletic Center of Syros there are also 4 international standard tennis courts and a turf football field, being the oldest field of the island. There is a simpler field, too, that is determined to become a 5×5 football field and a parking area.

Finally, the infrastructure of the Athletic Center of Syros includes a playground, outdoor basketball field and a chess field. For anyone wishing to have fun in a game between friends, there are 4 functional privately owned fields, 5×5 and 7×7.

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