It stands near the Syrian marshmallow in preferences; the chalvadopita from Syros is considered the second most popular traditional local product on the island.

As raw material, chalvadopita has also products of Syros land, such as Syrian honey, prepared from thyme of the countryside of the island and has excellent flavor.

The chalvadopita in Syros is prepared, except the honey, sugar, glucose, egg yolks, vanilla and of course freshly baked, Greek almonds. They are made by craftsmen with knowledge of the traditional recipe, with shuffling all products until they made a thick white mixture. Then, they cut into small pieces by hand and placing each between two “wafers”, as the two pieces are called wafer, containing the mixture of chalvadopita. They are wrapped in individual packages and are ready for sale.

The visitors can find chalvadopites in all traditional workshops and in vendors with white shirts touting their products into port and ships load and unload in Syros.

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