Football, the king of sports, could not but have thrilled fans in Syros, too. Today, three local football teams exist in the village (Athletic Club of Syros, Athletic Club Asteras and Athletic Club Pagos), while in the past there were even 10 of them!

At the same time there are football academies in Syros, academies of Olympiakos, Panathinakos and recently Ajax, the dutch team with a great tradition in children’s groups.

The athletic club of Syros is considered the most successful football clubs in Syros, since they have already played twice in the second national group of teams. It was established in 1968, during the greek junta, which forced the fusion of the two –till then- football teams of the island, Hellas Syros and Aris. Since then and many years after, the athletic club of Syros has achieved many wins in football leagues.

The Athletic Club of Asteras Syros was established in Hermoupolis in 1971, mainly by those who loved football but did not have the abilities to join the other team which was preparing for championships.  Asteras gave the opportunity not only to exercise but also to win, since it has met many wins in its history of local football leagues.

The Athletic Club Pagos was established in 1983 and has as headquarters the Pagos village in Syros. Even if it is a football club with participations in leagues and big victories in its past, it organizes other cultural and sports events, too.


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