Tarsanas of Syros

Tarsanas of Syros is an important historical site in the south of Ermoupoli, where is maintained for about 200 years, the traditional art wooden shipbuilding. From the workers of Tarsana in Syros have started the labor struggles in Ermoupoli. Along with tanners, they organized the strike of 1879, which is considered the first organized labor strike in Greek history.

The presence of the first chief technicians from Chios is attested, since 1823. After the destruction of Psaron(1824) have  arrived and others renowned naval architect, who made Tarsanas of Syros famous: his fame had surpassed the limits of Hellenism. In 1859, the French writer Alexander Dumas, the father, came to Syros for 15 days and by George K. Rallis has ordered in Tarsanas of Syros a schooner, in which gave the name of his newspaper , «Monte-Cristo».

The shipbuilders were transferred in 1870 to the area of ​​Tarsanas in Syros, which is spread to a larger extent than today. Slowly, are limited the constructions because of the advent of iron initially and then plastic.

Until today, however, in Tarsanas of Syros, the traditional shipbuilders continue with passion to build new significant hulls.

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